1. JavaHelp indexing update (details)
  2. for 4.15.6 (details)
  3. update current draft note for next (details)
  4. 'update to value for next release' (details)
  5. pom version 4.15.7 (details)
Commit f6ec515f61e3069482a0b1cc9f515ae7c880ea9b by Bob Jacobsen
JavaHelp indexing update
The file was modifiedhelp/en/JavaHelpSearch/DOCS.TAB (diff)
The file was modifiedhelp/en/JavaHelpSearch/OFFSETS (diff)
The file was modifiedhelp/en/Map.jhm (diff)
The file was modifiedhelp/en/JavaHelpSearch/POSITIONS (diff)
The file was modifiedhelp/en/JavaHelpSearch/TMAP (diff)
The file was modifiedhelp/en/JavaHelpSearch/DOCS (diff)
The file was modifiedhelp/en/JavaHelpSearch/SCHEMA (diff)
The file was modifiedscripts/ (diff)
Commit ed1ceb2e68ce592adb26cf8f0a5819002d312f65 by Bob Jacobsen
update current draft note for next
The file was modifiedhelp/en/releasenotes/current-draft-note.shtml (diff)
Commit b765c4256429f61982ec01d6e40f0385116bfe78 by Bob Jacobsen
'update to value for next release'
The file was (diff)
The file was modifiedpom.xml (diff)