1. end of 4.17.4 build (details)
  2. end of 4.17.4 build (details)
  3. Add files via upload (details)
  4. Add SD40-2 model (details)
  5. Delete SoundTraxx_Eco_Diesel_OEM_Athearn.xml (details)
  6. fix a 404 (details)
The file was modifiedscripts/ (diff)
The file was modifiedscripts/ (diff)
Commit 8a34e0f03a0b6e17acc42bb45ac7a67e97edd3f2 by noreply
Add files via upload
The file was addedxml/SoundTraxx_Eco_Diesel_OEM_Athearn.xml
Commit 7ab9e5448ca28786ccb2ce557093611f1af2e4b8 by noreply
Add SD40-2 model
Yet another SD40-2 model
The file was modifiedxml/decoders/SoundTraxx_Eco_Diesel_OEM_Athearn.xml (diff)
Commit bb8781cccd37c9aad93a5bb805e52aef58852aca by noreply
Delete SoundTraxx_Eco_Diesel_OEM_Athearn.xml
The file was removedxml/SoundTraxx_Eco_Diesel_OEM_Athearn.xml
The file was modifiedhelp/en/html/hardware/loconet/Addressing.shtml (diff)