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  1. Implement getSystemNamePrefix for Logix, including Logix created by (detail)
  2. Suppress name change dialogs during tests (detail)
  3. Fix RTXINITIALIZER Conditional (detail)
  4. Add the systemNamePrefix for USSCTC Follower (Route) and OsIndicator (detail)
  5. Update logix/conditionals in test xml file (detail)
  6. If package name given, run PackageTest (detail)
  7. changed MFG to match names in decoderIndex.xml (detail)
  8. ignore test failing in AllTest on Jenkins (detail)
  9. Remove javadoc compile warning wrt joal. Fix broken javadoc-uml target (detail)
  10. Update DS54.shtml (detail)
  11. Update Digitrax.shtml (detail)
  12. Fix a couple of extra failing hosted external javadocs (detail)
  13. Use correct capitalisation for attribute (detail)
  14. Release note drafts for PR 7894 (detail)
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