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  1. allow different layout-config contents, i.e. writing old vs new schema (detail)
  2. create 4.19.1 schema and make it new output; turnouts updated to check (detail)
  3. new turnout schema (detail)
  4. validate and test light, sensor (detail)
  5. fix mistaken rename (detail)
  6. LayoutEditor:Bugfix-split decorations (detail)
  7. LayoutEditor:Delete selected shapes bugfix (detail)
  8. Update (detail)
  9. Update (detail)
  10. fix for new ROute IO names (detail)
  11. make sure we don't include files with IT in the middle of the name as (detail)
  12. split cab signal tests in unit and integration tests (detail)
  13. fix comments (detail)
  14. fix comments (detail)
  15. clear shutdown manager on tests that use warrants, or look like they use (detail)
  16. Comment out unused log. (detail)
  17. update VSD documentation (detail)
  18. update Release Notes for VSD (detail)
  19. better test cleanup (detail)
  20. check for registration of shutdown task, then clear shutdown list. (detail)
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