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  1. re-enable status printing to determine which test is hanging on travis (detail)
  2. attempt to give travis more time to complete the build. (detail)
  3. 4.11.5 (detail)
  4. for 4.11.5 (detail)
  5. 'update to value for next release' (detail)
  6. correct reference to test in PackageTest (detail)
  7. reduce synchnization stress (detail)
  8. Merge branch 'master' of (detail)
  9. Merge pull request #5242 from dheap/uuid (detail)
  10. add test for SignalHeadIconDialog (detail)
  11. remove classes that should have tests (detail)
  12. volatile (detail)
  13. get port# directly from pref to avoid race condition (detail)
  14. get port# directly from pref to avoid race condition (#5251) (detail)
  15. Minor improvement to operations GUI (detail)
  16. test for Lock class (detail)
  17. new tests; fix a test (detail)
  18. add (or re-add) tests for Json Throttle. (detail)
  19. add test for Enum in Lock (detail)
  20. finish setup of test for JsonThrottle (detail)
  21. Minor improvement to operations build report (detail)
  22. Danish translation (detail)
  23. minor formal change (detail)
  24. Merge branch 'master' of (detail)
  25. Merge pull request #5256 from Pugwash1/StoppingAndSpeed (detail)
  26. Set connecting track block assignment (detail)
  27. Update Digitrax.shtml (#5263) (detail)
  28. testing #5265 (detail)
  29. deleted sensors should really go away #5265 (detail)
  30. convert to JUnit4.  Add test of static method. (detail)
  31. YetAnotherAutoTrain (YAAT) v 1.5 (detail)
  32. handle case of non-numeric sys name suffix (detail)
  33. Warn user if there's an error when saving a schedule (detail)
  34. override and ignore base test that's not handling funky local names (detail)
  35. wait for Recieved message to become non-null. (detail)
  36. Improve operations help (detail)
  37. flush still required. (detail)
  38. set pin number for test (detail)
  39. Merge remote-tracking branch 'refs/remotes/JMRI/master' (detail)
  40. steam update (detail)
  41. Danish translation (detail)
  42. Danish translation (detail)
  43. Danish translation (detail)
  44. accept any order (detail)
  45. audio order test case (detail)
  46. Check that trains can pull car types for a track (detail)
  47. New error analysis tool (detail)
  48. Remove GUI race condition from test (detail)
  49. Limit error analysis to selected location (detail)
  50. modify ramp algorithm. Include cv's 23 & 24 in momentum determination. (detail)
  51. Prevent redundant block path bean settings (detail)
  52. update EngineDriver-related help tex (detail)
  53. update some WiThrottle Server help text (#5279) (detail)
  54. accept any order (detail)
  55. another audio order test case (detail)
  56. Don't by default check if car types can be pulled (detail)
  57. Fix findbugs warning (detail)
  58. Fix random schedule failures out of staging (detail)
  59. catch npe and wait Thread LnPacketizer assign memo, remove self (detail)
  60. provide memo in LnPacketizer ctor (detail)
  61. set memo in LocoIO test (detail)
  62. provide memo in ctor (detail)
  63. from a suggestion by Dave Sand (detail)
  64. Update the editors schema to include track segment decorations (detail)
  65. catch init npe and wait extra 1s (detail)
  66. Some minor improvement to operations help (detail)
  67. Fix multi-segment NX routes ending at an End Bumper (detail)
  68. fix ramp algorithm. Correct resume script index. (detail)
  69. Restart tests. (detail)
  70. Danish translation (detail)
  71. Danish translation (detail)
  72. Update index.shtml (#5290) (detail)
  73. Show train direction for each location serviced (detail)
  74. Update AppVeyor build status badge to point to correct project on (detail)
  75. move processing to Swing thread (detail)
  76. use queuetool to wait for AWT to settle before constructing the object (detail)
  77. retry init after npe (after review) i18n of Ln tools using Bundle(), not (detail)
  78. i18n of SE8C,PM4 tools, Dutch, German translation format (abstract) (detail)
  79. Improve test coverage (detail)
  80. Restore Ant instructions for Eclipse users (detail)
  81. Misc Layout Editor fixes (detail)
  82. Clean up deprecation warnings (detail)
  83. improve javadoc (detail)
  84. Jemmy synch (detail)
  85. DS64 Dutch translation and i18n key clean-up (detail)
  86. DS64 tweaks, help screen shot (detail)
  87. better cleanup of frame. (detail)
  88. Eliminate redundant discovery complete notifications (detail)
  89. Ln Duplex config tool combined props, use Bundle w/vars relocate stray (detail)
  90. spjfile log w/vars LocoStats Dutch (detail)
  91. bundle soundloader prop files, use Bundle method log w/vars Duplex Dutch (detail)
  92. Improve test coverage (detail)
  93. Improve test coverage (detail)
  94. Improve test coverage (detail)
  95. Improve test coverage (detail)
  96. YAAT version 1.6 (detail)
  97. Fix ghost image after editing and implement font changes for JPanel item (detail)
  98. restart (detail)
  99. Catalan Translation by Luis Zamora (eldelinux): (detail)
  100. Correction of errors in the Catalan translation (detail)
  101. Czechoslovakia - Czechoslovak State Railways - ČSD aspect signaling (detail)
  102. Correct errors and add new translations to and (detail)
  103. some new tests for NCE simulator (detail)
  104. fix test (detail)
  105. properly normalize system names (detail)
  106. tests of normailized name (detail)
  107. Update AspectSignaling.shtml (detail)
  108. Update AspectSignaling.shtml (detail)
  109. some cleanup on the ExceptoinDisplayFrame and related files. Moves files (detail)
  110. Danish translation (detail)
  111. Improve test coverage (detail)
  112. new contributor (detail)
  113. Catalan Translation corrections and new translations of (detail)
  114. Catalan Translation corrections and translations new text (detail)
  115. Catalan Translations of  the file. (detail)
  116. Catalan Translations of the file. (detail)
  117. Catalan Translations of file. (detail)
  118. Catalan Translations of file. (detail)
  119. Catalan translation of files: (detail)
  120. Catalan Translations of files: (detail)
  121. Restart (detail)
  122. Improve testing (detail)
  123. Catalan Translations of files: (detail)
  124. Restart (detail)
  125. Fix test failure on JaCoCo (detail)
  126. Fix error (detail)
  127. Catalan Translation of files: (detail)
  128. Catalan Translation of file: (detail)
  129. More test coverage for operations (detail)
  130. Show icon tree in Panel Editor > Edit Icon pane add log calls to spot (detail)
  131. activate Panel Editor Icon > Edit pane drag-n-drap to bean states (detail)
  132. Small edit to add pull from master (detail)
  133. Prevent recursive name indexing in Add new range of Blocks (detail)
  134. re-enable print summary to watch for timeouts (detail)
  135. protect agains NPE in edit mode (detail)
  136. Catalan translations files: (detail)
  137. Catalan Translation of file: (detail)
  138. Catalan Translation of files: (detail)
  139. Catalan Translation of file: (detail)
  140. Catalan Translation of files: (detail)
  141. clarify comment (detail)
  142. Catalan Translation Files: (detail)
  143. Catalan Translation files: (detail)
  144. comment-restart (detail)
  145. Catalan Translation of file: (detail)
  146. Some code cleanup and additional tests. No functional changes. (detail)
  147. remove apparently extraneous waitfor (detail)
  148. Catalan Translations of files: (detail)
  149. czech translation PanelPro (detail)
  150. Catalan Translation of files: (detail)
  151. test some low hanging fruit for LayoutEditorTools. (detail)
  152. refactoring (detail)
  153. more low hanging fruit tests for LayoutEditorTools (detail)
  154. fix Javadoc errors (detail)
  155. new CV name comparator (detail)
  156. CV name comparator tests (detail)
  157. spelling in javadoc (detail)
  158. JUnit4 (detail)
  159. Cleanup, more tests (detail)
  160. Catalan Translation of file: (detail)
  161. Catalan Translation of file: (detail)
  162. Catalan Translations of files: (detail)
  163. More operations test coverage (detail)
  164. properly handle warn output from test (detail)
  165. close window at end of test (detail)
  166. comment (detail)
  167. set up programming options earlier during startup (detail)
  168. comment out message check that doesn't always happen on CI (detail)
  169. short EventQueu wait (detail)
  170. protect against NPE. (detail)
  171. more tests for LayoutEditorTools (detail)
  172. Fix test errors (detail)
  173. Update scripts for use with multiple connections (detail)
  174. update LnHelp for multiconnection (detail)
  175. update test (detail)
  176. Improve test coverage (detail)
  177. Fix ImageIndex test (detail)
  178. Fix test error (detail)
  179. restart (detail)
  180. 2nd attempt to fix build errors (detail)
  181. restart (detail)
  182. Catalan Translation of file (deleted duplicate lines): (detail)
  183. Another try (detail)
  184. some test clean up (detail)
  185. Change the sort order for conditional reference selection combo boxes (detail)
  186. static reference (detail)
  187. protect against empty directory error (detail)
  188. return type (detail)
  189. better debug (detail)
  190. unused field (detail)
  191. Improve test coverage (detail)
  192. improve test coverage (detail)
  193. init test (detail)
  194. Fix test (detail)
  195. More operations test improvements (detail)
  196. update decoder index (detail)
  197. JavaHelp indexing update (detail)
  198. for 4.11.6 (detail)
  199. version (detail)
  200. 'update to value for next release' (detail)
  201. Improve test coverage (detail)
  202. update name (detail)
  203. new decoder from Stuart Brorson (detail)
  204. SDD addition (detail)
  205. additional test coverage (detail)
  206. Test clean up (detail)
  207. Update user group location (detail)
  208. Public Domain and DIY decoder (detail)
  209. Eliminate duplicate named bean handles (detail)
  210. Catalan Translation of file: (detail)
  211. Update CreateDecoderAdvanced.shtml (detail)
  212. More testing, some code clean up (detail)
  213. Catalan Translation of file completed: (detail)
  214. Catalan translation of file (detail)
  215. Some code clean up, more testing (detail)
  216. [ci-no] Javadoc (detail)
  217. More testing (detail)
  218. update user group location (detail)
  219. Add keys missing sensor waiting messages. Add copy warrant list status (detail)
  220. Prevent inccorrect dialog message (detail)
  221. @Deprecated NodeConfigAction and NodeConfigFrame classes. These were (detail)
  222. Fix bug where cars in a kernel weren't redirected from alternate track. (detail)
  223. Check for " & " charters in car's load name. (detail)
  224. Add Install TrainCrew app action and support files (detail)
  225. more tests (detail)
  226. Additional Testing (detail)
  227. Czech translation part 5 (detail)
  228. Fix Digirails CV7 version number, add tooltip, remove default (detail)
  229. Javadoc fixen (detail)
  230. update new/changed keys in the other WarrantBundle props whitespacing, (detail)
  231. spelling (detail)
  232. Catalan Translation of files, (detail)
  233. Add 'Copy Track" tool to Locations window (detail)
  234. More on JUnit rules, bit of cleanup (detail)
  235. retry is a warn, not info (detail)
  236. migrate JUnit4, add retry (detail)
  237. timeout if taking too long, retry (detail)
  238. Print or Preview all items in a Schedule (detail)
  239. Removed duplicate bundle property (detail)
  240. Catalan translation files: (detail)
  241. Improved export cars, added more attributes (detail)
  242. Corrected e params (detail)
  243. close test window (detail)
  244. More testing (detail)
  245. Tools > Check Unnecessary Anchors False Positive on Decorations (detail)
  246. Move decorations check so zero length track segments are still checked. (detail)
  247. Add page for Manifest Creator (detail)
  248. Catalan Translations files: (detail)
  249. formating fix (detail)
  250. More operations tests (detail)
  251. Fixed a major bug in TamsSensorManager. Cleaned polling code and use (detail)
  252. java/src/jmri/jmrit/operations/rollingstock/ (detail)
  253. Fix test errors (detail)
  254. Ops mode programming (POM - Programming On Main) implemented for ECoS (detail)
  255. Test for providing a ConsistManager updated. (detail)
  256. Test for EcosOpsModeProgrammer added. (detail)
  257. More operation tests (detail)
  258. And then I also added the new test to (detail)
  259. Fixed the things requested by Bob J. after previous pull request. (detail)
  260. Attempt exclude default.lcf and PanelPro.launch from commit (detail)
  261. Use correct value, null, for an unoccupied block (detail)
  262. More testing (detail)
  263. new tests (detail)
  264. re-disable print summary to reduce verbosity (detail)
  265. add engine gain (detail)
  266. update documentation concerning engine gain (detail)
  267. Tams code enhanced so that sensor handling works properly including (detail)
  268. test refactoring. (detail)
  269. More testing, some code clean up (detail)
  270. restore original file (detail)
  271. Additional operations testing (detail)
  272. new tests and refactoring of tests for Sensor Servers (detail)
  273. better test cleanup (detail)
  274. Catalan Translation files: (detail)
  275. Catch error message during testing (detail)
  276. Updated Diagnostics C/MRI hardware help (detail)
  277. Updated Diagnostics C/MRI hardware help (detail)
  278. ensure UserPreferencesManager is in InstanceManager to prevent deadlock (detail)
  279. More testing, some code clean up (detail)
  280. Corrected L624 name (detail)
  281. Corrected L624 name (detail)
  282. ignore failing test (detail)
  283. update json-schema-validator to latest version. (detail)
  284. handle disabled flag on turnouts in web panel, issue #5424 (detail)
  285. Fix test (detail)
  286. follow spotbugs hint (detail)
  287. improve debug, trace output (detail)
  288. check input (detail)
  289. typo (detail)
  290. force JmriUserPreferencesManager on Swing thread (detail)
  291. Additional testing (detail)
  292. provide method to check for locks, return a value from GUI (detail)
  293. use std method to move to gui thread (detail)
  294. Test clean up (detail)
  295. better tests (detail)
  296. fix source of lock diagnostics (detail)
  297. More testing (detail)
  298. handle disableWhenOccupied for layoutturnouts on web panel (detail)
  299. handle disableWhenOccupied for layoutturnouts on web panel (#5436) (detail)
  300. Fix Transit Action Edit signal labels + tooltip, add _it/_fr strings (detail)
  301. update help text and screen shot (detail)
  302. More testing (detail)
  303. Increase wait time (detail)
  304. Fix test (detail)
  305. Test clean up (detail)
  306. More synchronization for test (detail)
  307. add some low hanging fruit tests. (detail)
  308. More operations test coverage (detail)
  309. More operations testing (detail)
  310. add test for property change listener. (detail)
  311. More operations testing. Some additional build messages. (detail)
  312. new test (detail)
  313. Catalan Translation of files: (detail)
  314. more new tests and test refactoring. (detail)
  315. NL spelling and pull from master (detail)
  316. better initialization (detail)
  317. Refactor Dispatcher LoadAtStartUp to allow jython access to load (detail)
  318. more on startup (detail)
  319. typos, correct footer (detail)
  320. extend out a bit more (detail)
  321. Footer -> Footer.shtml (detail)
  322. Header, Style  -> Header.shtml, Style.shtml (detail)
  323. window not always present? (detail)
  324. Use the turnout circle size instead of a fixed size for the track (detail)
  325. Quick Fix of extra Ln menu showing, update tests (detail)
  326. Fix errors in UNI16ARD decoders definition (detail)
  327. fix to providing directories (detail)
  328. add Cucumber tests of output (detail)
  329. add direct test of NodeIdentity.identity() (detail)
  330. handle headless case (detail)
  331. typo in name (detail)
  332. typo in test (detail)
  333. reset the static node identity (detail)
  334. Catalan Translation files: (detail)
  335. add null check to generateUuid (detail)
  336. make sure seed passed for generateUuid is not null. (detail)
  337. join client thread before finishing test. (detail)
  338. add Cucumber tests for About servelet (detail)
  339. Create memo for InstanceManager, cleaner setup (detail)
  340. More operations testing (detail)
  341. teardown lnis (detail)
  342. Catalan translation files: (detail)
  343. Fix bug with clear and select all (detail)
  344. re-enable test that uses (detail)
  345. skip this test if is not available. (detail)
  346. fix message when message found (detail)
  347. add JU5 links (detail)
  348. link extra XML pages (detail)
  349. JavaHelp indexing update (detail)
  350. for 4.11.7 (detail)
  351. for 4.11.7 (detail)
  352. 'update to value for next release' (detail)
  353. Fixed Diags halt poll button (detail)
  354. Fixed Diags halt poll button (detail)
  355. LocoNet help updates (#5473) (detail)
  356. Enhanced edit track loads by locations (detail)
  357. Add car status to print car roster (detail)
  358. Add sleep before Thread WAITING check (detail)
  359. Bug fix for import cars. (detail)
  360. Some formatting (detail)
  361. update help to reflect deprecation of T/S/G WiThrottle commands (detail)
  362. Set rail defaults (detail)
  363. from 4.11.7 (detail)
  364. initial commit of split button color chooser. (detail)
  365. Catalan Translation files: java/src/apps/ (detail)
  366. Minor change to Tams SerialDriverAdapter so it also works under Ubuntu (detail)
  367. more trials and tribulations. Git rid of silly log message (detail)
  368. push to cause travis to fire (detail)
  369. button functions like button-swatch (detail)
  370. Remove decoration from prompt frame. Make behavior consistent for (detail)
  371. Fix tests (detail)
  372. Added hide/show column pop up menus. STart to regularise the columns (detail)
  373. Fix null editor (detail)
  374. Fix issue in validateIdentity. (detail)
  375. Better handling of non-existent formerIdentities. (detail)
  376. Cleanup whitespace, Javadoc, Checkstyle suggestions. (detail)
  377. Try this (detail)
  378. Remove commented code (detail)
  379. add comment - another retry (detail)
  380. Consist column headers and formating across grids. fix up the last (detail)
  381. revised code fragment for 'Trace' to log.trace(..) from log.debug(..) (detail)
  382. from4.11.7 (detail)
  383. Added popup menu to split button. (detail)
  384. make color selection from popup menu work. (detail)
  385. add test to verify the moduleaddress:pinnumber format of addressing (detail)
  386. restore the ability to use feedbackencoder:contact as a valid address (detail)
  387. add auto engineer column and current signal column (detail)
  388. Set track width defaults for new LE panels (detail)
  389. Duh, inverted question (detail)
  390. Implement JmriColorChooser and integerate SplitButtonColorChooserPanel (detail)
  391. Create Tests (detail)
  392. Update index.shtml (detail)
  393. handle duplicates // (detail)
  394. Add CAN via MERG Network Interface (detail)
  395. yet more Java version notes (detail)
  396. html fix (detail)
  397. fix html (detail)
  398. Update Networking.shtml (detail)
  399. add jlink (detail)
  400. Help Page - Add CAN via MERG Network (detail)
  401. Update to (detail)
  402. original from Dick Bronson (detail)
  403. add indexes (detail)
  404. Help Doc Can Hardware CBUS (detail)
  405. Formatting (detail)
  406. Help Pages Yahoo to (detail)
  407. Error on mask (detail)
  408. for 4.11.8 (detail)
  409. update to current test release (detail)
  410. JavaHelp indexing update (detail)
  411. 'update to value for next release' (detail)
  412. Catalan Translations files: (detail)
  413. Catalan Translation rectifications: (detail)
  414. Correction (detail)
  415. WIP MERG CBUS docs (detail)
  416. WIP MERG Docs (detail)
  417. formatting (detail)
  418. formatting (detail)
  419. Add CBUS Help (detail)
  420. resize small images (detail)
  421. formatting (detail)
  422. mini update restart appveyor (detail)
  423. Remove Quotes (detail)
  424. More CBUS MERG updates (detail)
  425. Revert "More CBUS MERG updates" (detail)
  426. Documentation Update (detail)
  427. delete duplicate method. (detail)
  428. partial fix - update messaging, restore status msg when control is (detail)
  429. Apply LE panel name change to Track Drawing Options (detail)
  430. Add missing properties (detail)
  431. add version, download badges (detail)
  432. Set status done when manual train ends. Also allows restart & terminate (detail)
  433. Set track drawing options dialog width based on LE panel name length (detail)
  434. fix multiple warrants contesting clearing _stoppingBlock (detail)
  435. better logging (detail)
  436. update Klingon test (detail)
  437. logging (detail)
  438. logging (detail)
  439. do rapid set of Locale at start (detail)
  440. rename variables for clarity (detail)
  441. protect against NPE (detail)
  442. Howto Install TrainCrew Windows Administrator (detail)
  443. more cleanup, drop blank 1st in lists (detail)
  444. also turnouts (detail)
  445. Help Page Indexes (detail)
  446. Modify CPE Pallete to handle sorted lists (detail)
  447. spotbugs fix (detail)
  448. MERG Updates (detail)
  449. BR2003 Update (detail)
  450. create abstract test base for sensors; refactor existing abstract sensor (detail)
  451. refactor XNetSensorTest (detail)
  452. for 4.11.9 (detail)
  453. fix menu item name (detail)
  454. Hex formatting examples (detail)
  455. Typo (detail)
  456. sensor test refactoring and update to JUnit4 (detail)
  457. mark tests as tests in classes updated to JUnit4; and test of invert (detail)
  458. prevent ticking during test (detail)
  459. Sensor debounce gui and validation (detail)
  460. improve documentation, remove obsolete iEnum type (detail)
  461. For now, ignore failing tests from base class on LocoNet sensors. (detail)
  462. derive from AbstractSensorTestBase (detail)
  463. update sensor tests for RaspberryPi Sensors (detail)
  464. changes to RaspberryPi Turnout Test (These mirror changes in the Sensor (detail)
  465. don't check for sensor status changes sent by JMRI to the network (detail)
  466. cleanup test; remove duplicative test. (detail)
  467. Valid hex value in example (detail)
  468. JavaHelp indexing update (detail)
  469. for 4.11.9 (detail)
  470. for 4.11.9 (detail)
  471. 'update to value for next release' (detail)
  472. Fix label selection when using vertical orientation (detail)
  473. next is 4.13.1 (detail)
  474. Prevent duplicate internal tabs when using the None connection type (detail)
  475. from 4.9.11 (detail)
  476. make sure terminology used to describe debounce delays matches the test (detail)
  477. Catalan Translation files: (detail)
  478. Revert "Catalan Translation files:" (detail)
  479. Correct schema documentation for numOuts & numFns. (detail)
  480. Further correct schema documentation for numOuts & numFns. (detail)
  481. typo for next test release (detail)
  482. JmriColorChooser improvements (detail)
  483. Restart (detail)
  484. When using JScrollPane you must complete all contents of the JPanel (detail)
  485. Operations enhancements (detail)
  486. Fix no </p> (detail)
  487. Catalan Translation files: (detail)
  488. Restart and resize (detail)
  489. 2nd attempt to fix html (detail)
  490. Provide success/fail return from sendPacket. (detail)
  491. regular, not real, clean (detail)
  492. for 4.12 (detail)
  493. no longer need to translate + to . for github (detail)
  494. remove old scripts (detail)
  495. MERG Event Capture Tool (detail)
  496. Help Page Link (detail)
  497. Add / update tests (detail)
  498. remove attempt at test help target (detail)
  499. Pane Test helpTarget to class (detail)
  500. Fix NCE edit macro (detail)
  501. Rework/update app props keys (detail)
  502. work on jmri.implementation _nl props (detail)
  503. json _nl props (detail)
  504. MERG CBUS Event Table (detail)
  505. Tests for system names (detail)
  506. Danish translation (detail)
  507. Add Single Short Event Tests (detail)
  508. classnames (detail)
  509. SimpleServer Dutch props, remove identical key (detail)
  510. resubmit (detail)
  511. Revert "resubmit" (detail)
  512. resubmit (detail)
  513. SRCP Server Dutch, clean-up (detail)
  514. server, util and withrottle prefs props _nl, _de, clean-up (detail)
  515. server shared keys in NBB (detail)
  516. new withrottle keys for nl/de (detail)
  517. make test frame visible (detail)
  518. Code clean up (detail)
  519. More code clean up (detail)
  520. new dispatcher keys NL (detail)
  521. Ops and Beantable new keys NL/DE (detail)
  522. BeanTableBundle cleanup and new keys NL (detail)
  523. add Brown key nl/de (detail)
  524. Improve operations engine export (detail)
  525. Forgot to export engine weight (detail)
  526. UnHolding signals must not cancel stopping unless new speed greater than (detail)
  527. Second times a charm. totally replace if (detail)
  528. t (detail)
  529. Revert Event Table help link to original (detail)
  530. Danish translation (detail)
  531. New Preference to allow wifi throttles to create turnouts #5517 (detail)
  532. Catalan Translation file: (detail)
  533. Mistake rectification (detail)
  534. Delete Sidebar (detail)
  535. Delete Sidebar (detail)
  536. Delete Sidebar (detail)
  537. Delete Sidebar (detail)
  538. Delete Sidebar (detail)
  539. Delete Sidebar (detail)
  540. Delete Sidebar (detail)
  541. minor test refactoring (detail)
  542. System prefix may be more than one character (detail)
  543. Update enums to more accurate names. Update DCS240, DCS50, DCS51, DCS52 (detail)
  544. Correct help info re DigiTrainsPro wifi throttle (detail)
  545. Catalan language corrections and more translated files. (detail)
  546. fix: #7928 prevents packaging (detail)
  547. LayoutEditor:Improve Track Segment Hit testing (detail)
  548. some linting (detail)
  549. linting (detail)
  550. New option for switch list to print track comments (detail)
  551. Update UserInterface.shtml (detail)

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